Thesis writing… JKL & Helsinki


So it has been awhile since I have last posted. So I decided to give you a little bit of insight into why and what I have been up to lately in Finland.

So most likely when you are making the decision to come study in Jyväskylä it is for a masters program, and with that masters program will most likely require a Thesis to be completed at the end of your studies, and in my case I am writing and completing my thesis in Helsinki…. So this is where I stop talking about my thesis and I start talking about all the other fun things I have been doing instead of my thesis…. (Just joking… I write my thesis during “working hours” and of course play around the rest of the time)… So here are some things I have been up to…

  1. Train trips between Jyväskylä and Helsinki
  2. Visit from a Canadian friend!Image
  3. Cabin time!Image
  4. Sauna experiences…with the ice hole!Image
  5. Trail walking, skiing and walking across lakes!Image
  6. Swedish cruise
  7. Biking around Helsinki
  8. Meeting Tarja Halonen!Image
  9. Pond hockey in HelsinkiImage

10. Drinking coffee with friends!

Although a lot of my time recently has been spent in Helsinki lets examine some of the things I have done here and compare to what you can do in Jyväskylä (JKL)….

  1. As the cabin was in Petäjävesi it is closer to JKL — 1 JKL, 0 Helsinki
  2. There are also saunas in JKL – 2-1
  3. There are lots of trails, and lakes to walk across in JKL, but Helsinki also has the Baltic to walk on, lakes and plenty of paths. – 3-2
  4. As you can leave for the Swedish cruise from Helsinki, or Turku I will have to give Helsinki the point here 😉 – 3.5-3, ALTHOUGH, JKL does have some boat cruises around the lakes when they un-thaw (.5 for JKL!)
  5. Biking is great in both cities year round, although I am going to give the edge to JKL as its more fun because more people do it! – 4.5-4
  6. There are lots of outdoor ice surfaces in JKL and Helsinki, free of charge – 5.5-5
  7. As JYP (professional hockey team in JKL) finished in 2nd and Jokerit (Helsinki professional hockey team), finished in 1st I am going to say the caliber of hockey is similar, and both can be affordable for students to attend. — 6.5 – 6
  8. Coffee is everywhere in Finland, BUT I am going to give Helsinki an extra .5 as it can supply those coffee aficionados with their fix of gourmet coffee shop options – 7.5 – 7.5

As you can see, the type of fun that I have in both cities is personally ranked around the same, although the real fun is where your friends are. Luckily, I have a few hanging around Helsinki too!


Much love for Jyväskylä & my current home Helsinki…



Happy New Year from Finland!


Hello… Hola… and currently Moikka…

Happy New Year everyone! My name is Chad and the first thing I decided to to this year was to create a blog that will consist of stories from my past and present. Some will be personal, and some professional.

As I’ve started my new position as student ambassador with the University of Jyväskylä, I have had both personal and professional conversations. Some applicants ask about why I decided to move my life to Finland and attend the university in the masters program of Corporate Environmental Management… So here it is..

My Story of “why” the University of Jyväskylä…. past and present.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada which makes myself Canadian. I lived most of my life in a small town outside of Ottawa called Carleton Place, but have been to many places and seen many of things.

I completed my Bachelor of International Business studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, and during my studies I decided to go on my first inter-continental adventure to Ecuador for a summer, where I studied Spanish. Two years later I decided to return to South America but this time on exchange at the Universidad de Chile, in Santiago. Both experiences were eye opening, yes of course culturally, but I learnt a great deal about myself during this time in my life.

After my studies I worked in several positions, exploring what the working world had to offer me. Through this I discovered my true passion again. This passion laid within the love for the natural environment. I have always had a strong passion for nature, but until I realized I could connect this passion with my interest of business and people, I was lost.

So I decided to return to university… allow for the connection of my passion and interest to merge into a strong bond where not only would I be happy, I would be passionate and driven when it came to my work. Only problem now was, where should I pursue my further education? I looked through the Canadian master’s programs and just could not find a fit for me. I wanted an adventurous and international experience. I wanted to be inspired, and impressed with not only the institution or program, but the location and culture in which the master’s program existed. This is where I found Finland. I had friends, family, and previous classmates tell me the stories of their times in Finland. Luckily, some friends had even taken the same program I was interested in. So I questioned, every aspect and came to the conclusion that the Master’s of Corporate Environmental Management programme at the University of Jyväskylä was the right “life” choice for me. It had the balance that I was searching for.

So this is where I am now… in my second year of my master’s studies and still loving every minute of it.

The reason I wanted to tell the story like this is because everyone is motivated in different ways, and interested in different things. One person is not going to have all the answers for you, but exploring and asking questions about oneself will help you decide where these interests and motivations exist. That was how I started my search. Knowing myself.

Please, if you are studying a masters program at the University of JKL please share your story of how you came to study here… 🙂

Cheers for now!